Electronic Soundscapes


Electronic Soundscapes is going deeper underground
changing the way it promotes, distributes and publishes music.
The label's main site is not the central focus point for news and releases anymore.

You can read all Electronic Soundscapes News and leave feedback
through the Electronic Soundscapes Facebook page.

All releases both CD and Digital as well as exclusive digital content
and Bonus material are available through the Electronic Soundscapes Bandcamp page.

You can find exclusive Mixes as well as tracks
and sporadic sonic goodies through the Label's Soundcloud page.

If you are on Last FM make sure to check the Electronic Soundscapes Last FM digital spot.
You can hear and get Electronic Soundscapes releases through this channel too.

If you are on Discogs you can check Electronic Soundscapes there too
- courtesy of Steve Gladstones, Oz Land.

You can still get in touch with the label by e-mail
: contact(at)electronicsoundscapes(dot)com

Last but not least we will be happy to add you on the Electronic Soundscapes iRegular newsletter.
The best way to get the latest sneak previews and news about Electronic Soundscapes releases.
We hope you will enjoy the label's latest direction. Stay tuned for more quality releases !!


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