Solar Quest

Solar QuestSolar Quest is one of the early pioneers of the U.K. and global electronic music scene. Combining Live instruments with electronic equipment and custom made virtual software, he is widely known for his vinyl releases through Choki’s Chewns, which were a big hit in the London underground dance scene of the 90s and received worldwide critical acclaim on his “Orgship” album, released in 1994 – a timeless ambient downtempo album.

His professional career spans from working on some of the best sound recording and mixing studios in the U.K. and Belgium. He was the studio manager of the legendary Utopia studios in North West London, were renowned musicians like Duran Duran, Brian Fairy, UB40, The Clash and Paul McCartney recorded and mastered their albums.

After Utopia in the beginning of 90s Solar Quest moved to Belgium for a few years, where built and worked as the studio manager of the SSR label recording studio and started taking an active interest in writing and producing electronic music. The 1st vinyl he released, a hybrid of hip hop and acid lines was a hit in the electronic underground scene and Solar Quest gradually started writing more music.

In an era where virtual sequencers were still a concept and computers could not yet be used for Live electronic music performance, Solar Quest built a fully modular setup featuring a farrago of synths, samplers and FX units, touring Europe with his van for a couple of years.

Specializing on advanced MIDI mapping programming and custom made virtual synthesizers, he has worked on a number of feature films as the electronic MIDI orchestrator of film scores at Elstree studios in London and more noticeably for Terry Gilliam’s “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” .

Solar Quest has performed Live on many big festivals in Europe as well as Japan, India , South Africa, Canada, Moscow, Scotland and Wales.