Based in London, Solar Quest is one of the early pioneers of the U.K. and Global Electronic Music Scene.

Known from setting solar energy powered festival tents up at the Glastonbury Festival, his professional career spans from working as an engineer on the legendary AMS Neve - well known for the vintage delay units in the professional recording studios worldwide, to some of the best sound recording and mixing studios in the U.K. and Belgium.

Specializing in advanced MIDI mapping programming he has worked on a number of feature films as the electronic MIDI orchestrator of film scores at London’s Elstree Studios and more noticeably for Terry Gilliam's "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".

Combining Live instruments with electronic equipment gimmickry and custom made virtual software, he is widely known for his vinyl releases in the London underground dance scene of the 90s and received worldwide critical acclaim on his "Orgship " album, released in 1994 - a timeless ambient downtempo album.

In 2014 Solar Quest is releasing “Core”, his latest opus through Electronic Soundscapes. A double album extended player, comprising of a total of 24 tracks and spanning over a wide range of styles.

“Core” is an album reminiscing the originality of “Orgship – Orgisms” in many levels, augmented with the latest Solar Quest sound and production techniques. Gently mesmerizing melodies entwine through ethereal skyfalling dream lines and organically orchestrated earthbound organic bass lines spanning on an over 2 hours magic carpet ride.
Music for open spaces – an organic kitchen of tasty electronica beats and ethereal baselines.

“Core” is Solar Quest’s 4th double album and probably one of the most refined and polished Solar Quest albums up to date. A deep and subtle double album that stands the test of time by re inventing it self.