Zen Lemonade

Zen Lemonade is the alternative electronic music band of Gus Till & Supercozi . Both already had a long established musical career when they met in the end of 1999 in Australia where they both were on a DJ tour. They had similar background and started their musical journey playing in rock bands, then totally got into computer programmed music.  They immediately started making music together and discovered the unique fusion sound they can create.

They released the 1st Zen Lemonade album “Lemon Soul” on UK Dragon Fly Records in 2002 and almost instantly, their own landmark sound  mixing  Freestyle / Progressive / Techno / Dub / Breaks gained worldwide critical acclaim .   Their deep & organic downbeat tracks were picked up by leading chill out labels globally such as Liquid Sound (U.K) , Interchill (Canada), Dakini Records (Japan).

They have performed live Gigs and DJ Sets in many out door & indoor festivals on many countries.   From massive outdoor/Indoor festivals such as  , Fusion ( San Fransisco), Solstice Music Festival ( Japan),  Summer Dreaming ( Australia), Samothraki Dance Festival( Greece), Kundalini( UK) to club venues across Europe, USA, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia .

Since September 2002, they have established a new base on the ” Island of Gods ” Bali.  This unique country’s magnificent charm and Balinese traditional music can be found everywhere almost daily.  In 2009, their long awaited second album will be released from the new Greek label Electronic Soundscapes.

6 years later since their first album release, this album will show their musical transformation and also embody the new music direction they are taking.  It’s a new chapter of alternative electronic music fusing uniquely, Dub, Breaks, Jazz, Funk, Rock under modern electronic music production techniques.  With plenty of real guitar, bass, percussions, drums, vocals and also gamelan, every track of the new album has dynamic grooves that are being electronically driven yet deeply organic. The soundscapes are thrilling and delicate, pushing music genres boundaries, setting new standards for the future sound of electronic music.   Their Live show is a 4 musicians band interacting Live with a guitar, synthesizers & effects, vocals and tribal percussions.