Sol Tek

Hailing from Amsterdam — The NetherlandsSol Tek is actively writing music for the last 20 years under many monikers and labels, counting an impressive 12 full length albums, a number of EPs and singles under his belt.

He has released full length albums2 EPs and 1 double digipack album up to date on Electronic Soundscapes, from space glitch hop to deep space ambient and acid techno soundscapes, Sol Tek’s inspiration is driven from diverse music backgrounds such as Arvo PartTangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze among others, combining electronic driven cinematic music influences under a unique Sol Tek style.

Assuming other musical guises over the years such as Lingua Lustra and Dodecahedron, or with collaborative projects Albert has appeared on numerous other labels : Practising NatureDatabloemSpeedsound RecordsBaksish Music and Spiritech music.

Albert Borkent is a seasoned musician with over two decades’ experience and production skills evident in the depth and textures of his releases. The Sol Tek sound can best be described as very futuristic, subtle and deep but also melodic, harmonic and delicate. Since 2012 he is running together with Blue Bliss his own independent imprint “Spiritech”.