Artist and DJ. RP alias for Masashi Kitazato. He has worked in various media including graphic, editorial, fashion, web, movie, sound and space design since 1983. Based in Tokyo and San Francisco, he founded an Art and Techno Culture magazine “Zavtone (1996 ~ 2000).” He gained recognition for his role as an editor and art director, helping to achieve the magazine’s original editing style and art work.

Following that, he became involved in creating Sound and Visuals, releasing CDs, DVDs Music Videos, iPhone App and over 400 Flash works, such as the music video for Osamu Tezuka’s animation “Hi no Tori” (Phoenix) performed by System 7. He participated in the production of the American film, “Lost in Translation” directed by Sofia Coppola. Also known as: General Idea Diplodocus and Reality Sandwich.