Adham Shaikh

Adham Shaikh

Adham Shaikh is a Juno and Emmy Award-nominated music producer, composer, sound designer, and DJ who brings his uniquely powerful global sounds to the world stage, screen and dancefloor.

Adham has scored original soundtracks for numerous film and television productions, including Sacred Planet (Disney Imax), Velcrow Ripper’s Fierce Light (National Film Board, Fierce Light Films), Rainbow Jaguars’ Earth PilgrimWord Love (Avanti Pictures), Getting Married (TVO), and Secrets: A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Sexual Revolution (CBC’s Passionate Eye, Make Believe Media), for which he received a Leo Award nomination for Best Musical Score in a Documentary Program.His music has also been licensed to an extensive list of media productions, including Suzuki Speaks (Avanti Pictures) Let It Ride (Locomotion Films),Burton Snowboards. Look out for his latest original work on the upcoming television series The Edge of the World: BC’s Early Years (Knowledge).

As a music producer and composer, Shaikh skillfully weaves global music tapestries that take listeners on sonic journeys transcending time and place. Adham’s sets can be described as ever evolving blends of deep original global grooves, tribal rhythms, west coast bass, complex dub and lush downtempo atmospheres

He has released over 10 albums and many individual compositions, among them the 2004 release, Fusion, which was nominated for a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) in the World Music category.
Music labels from around the globe have released his music, including InterchillDakini RecordsElectronic SoundscapesLiquid Sound DesignNative StateOne World MusicWater MusicNiaSounds TrueStoned Asia, and Six Degrees.

He co-produced and mixed the award-winning debut CD for global fusion group Delhi 2 Dublin, and is currently in the studio re-mixing tracks for internationally renowned world fusion artists NickodemusDeya DovaKaya Project, and David StarfireShaikh has most recently completed remixes for Stephen KentOmar Faruk Tekbilek , Issa Bagayogo , Ganga Giri , and the Footsteps in Africa Project .

Over a Period of two years assisted folk artist Gemma-Luna to record and produce her debut album. During the summer and fall of 2009 engineered and mixed the debut album of folk gypsy group Mahzu, mixed and engineered the debut solo album of Tarun Nayar ( Delhi2Dublin , Beats without Borders). Most recently completed mixes for Nelson’s own gypsy klezmer band Heavy Shtetl.

Shaikh’s work as both a live performer and a DJ has taken him to international festivals, events, and night clubs, including the Waveform Festival (UK), Samothraki Dance Festival (Greece), Dakini Nights (Tokyo), Uprising (New Zealand), The Maori Peace Festival at Parihaka (New Zealand), and Boom Festival (Portugal). He has toured extensively across Canada, with highlight performances at the Vancouver Folk Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, and the Shambhala Music Festival.

During the span of his 25-year musical career he has consistently evolved and diversified as an artist, and the beats continue on.

Alexander Daf

Alexander Daf

Hailing from Saint Petersburg in Russia, Alexander Daf is well know globally for releases on many labels and compilations. His debut album release was in 2008 on the major American label System Recordings that entered the Beatport Chillout Top 100.
Hard to fit into genres Alexander Daf’s style lies in the downtempo domain,  showcasing a variety of styles and directions. Smooth sonic textures and divine cinematic soundscapes are Alexander Daf’s landmarks.

Arash Atman

Arash Atman

An enthusiastic audio professional, Arash Atman started his affair with music and sound by collecting electronic music vinyl records in the early 90s. Leaving no stone unturned he has worked on a plethora of professional audio applications.

Forward thinking and looking for originality through innovational intervention between technology, cinematography, art and audio visual installations, after he got his Sound Engineering Diploma from SAE in London he worked for over 1 year in Classical Orchestra, Opera and Live P.A.s, featuring some of the finest equipment available in venues like the Athens Megaron Concert Hall, the Odeon of Herodus Atticus under Acropolis and ERT’s Studio C Recording Studio.

He was the organizer and technical manager of the Samothraki Dance Festival Alternative Stage for 3 years on the island of Samothraki, Just Dance Festival Athens, Juno Reactor & Zen Lemonade Live in Athens, FSOL Live in Athens and has run a lot of club and electronic music nights in Greece and a handful of other countries.

From DJing on a total solar eclipse festival in the remote desert of Tamerza in Tunisia, to a roof top in Goa, a cosmopolitan night in the tropics of Bali, the mystical island of Samothraki to a full moon beach party on the homeland of Icarus -the island of Ikaria, a solar eclipse festival in Turkey to the Canadian mountains and Pacific Ocean vastness of British Columbia and an underground pub in London, Arash was able to fulfill a hefty chunk of his dreams and spin tunes along child hood heroes like Karl Bartos ( Kraftwerk ), FSOL, Juno Reactor and electronic underground innovators like Solar Quest, Ott, ISHQ, Adham Shaikh, Simon Posford, Eat Static, Doof, Patchwork, Stress Assasin, Toires, Zen Lemonade, Grey Area and Youth.

Keen on pushing envelopes and wearing many hats over the years, from setting up surround installations and Live P.A.s in cinema festivals to supervising and producing independent CD prints from Mastering to precise digital reproduction in some of Europe’s finest digital pressing plants, he set up forward thinking sound systems on the island of Samothraki such as one of Europe’s premier 5.1 surround sound systems for Live electronic music utilizing specially performed 5.1 Live performances, state of the art A circuitry equipment, featuring unique patents.

He is passionate in excellence and exploration of 3 dimensional spatial representation through surround sound and has worked as recording and mixing engineer in 3 professional studios up to date, from a Dolby Mastering 5.1 Mixing and Foley Recording studio to one of the premier 5.1 Digital Hybrid Studios in Athens.

Working for close to one and a half decades in the film industry, sound recording and production sound mixing for films has gradually taken over from music as his main activity. He has worked on a number of studios and various locations in a number of countries,films, TV shows and commercials, film making and sound design is where his main activity lies over the last years.

You can rarely find him DJing as his main focus is sound for films whether this is on set or post production but on the rare sets he does, he always makes sure to push boundaries in a unique and diverse approach, offering ungenred consciousness expanding electronica .

He is UK based since 2010 and in 2013 he collaborates with Masashi Kitazato, to form the next direction of Electronic Soundscapes. A collaborative electronic music label based in the U.K. and Japan that will offer a haven for conscious contemporary electronic music.



ISHQ means “Love” in Persian and Hindi, it is also a word used by such past masters as Rumi to express Love of the divine and the ecstatic Love of the Sufi .

Based amid the idyllic English countryside in Cornwall, the music of ISHQ (Matt Hillier and vocalist Jacqueline Kersley), is hard to put into words. There are elements of classic synth textures, drone and environmental ambience reminiscing classic albums of the ambient pioneer Brian Eno, as well as the early space music of the Berlin-School bands. occasional ambient dance beats and exotic percussion. Better described as harmonic music frequencies encompassing heavenly atmospheres and panoramic soundscapes, ISHQ are considered as one of the globe’s foremost ambient artists. ISHQ’s painstaking sound design gives the music a distinctive clarity, a purity, a sense of place that’s almost hyper-real at times.

Matt Hillier started composing electronic music, merging acid house and ambient in the London club scene of the 90s. The early recordings were all very abstract but the beginning of his work as an Ambient / Soundscape artist. His first release was “Microcosm Macrocosm” in 1996 with Jake Stephenson, under the Alien Mutation vs Indigo Egg moniker.

Since then he has written and released music under many names and projects such as Indigo Egg, Crystal MoonBass Meditation, Cyan Dragonfly, Sihq, Ishvara, Elve, Ishqamatics, Izim Izam,  and released tracks for various compilations on Spirit Zone, Jumping and Pumping, Nova, Kinetix, Absolute Ambient, Atmo Works, Interchill, Rumour, Proto Tracks, Lobogistic Labs, Dakini, Purple Om, Chill Tribe, Aleph Zero, Celestial Dragon, RMG, TXT, Electronic Soundscapes, Fluid Audio, Relaxed Machinery and Iboga Records.

ISHQ’s three major album releases to date – Orchid, And Awake and Sama – fulfil the transcendent and calming potential that ambient music aims for. “Orchid” on Interchill Records is a remarkable debut and considered as a classic ambient masterpiece by many. The follow-up album “Sama” presents a more consistently landscaped style of ambience and the third album up to date “And Awake” doesn’t really echo either of its predecessors yet remains quite unmistakably ISHQ.

Since 2005 ISHQ, is running  Virtual”. An independent record label started by ISHQ for the release of more esoteric works and collaborations with others in the field of experimental soundscape and ambient music. Counting an impressive number of releases, Virtual is releasing soundscape ambient and downtempo that pushes the electronic ambient envelope even further not only by ISHQ’s more experimental projects but also from an array of other artists.

One more area that Matt Hillier is pushing his sonic tapestries forward, is via the release of unique high quality sonic impulse libraries. After nearly 25 years of music production he launched Kinetic Sound Prism. An on line store where custom professional high quality impulses, synth patches, sample libraries and packs tailor made for all his releases up to date are available to musicians and sound designers at a very affordable rate.

Brian Eno said once that ambient music is “a music to swim in, to float in, to get lost inside”, describing in a nutshell, ISHQ’s sound. ISHQ’s music is eclectic,instantly recognisableotherworldlyoften undescribable and in essence has a sublime and beautiful quality that both inspires the mind and also the heart in a very rare way.

Virtual immersive soundscapes



Artist and DJ. RP alias for Masashi Kitazato. He has worked in various media including graphic, editorial, fashion, web, movie, sound and space design since 1983. Based in Tokyo and San Francisco, he founded an Art and Techno Culture magazine “Zavtone (1996 ~ 2000).” He gained recognition for his role as an editor and art director, helping to achieve the magazine’s original editing style and art work.

Following that, he became involved in creating Sound and Visuals, releasing CDs, DVDs Music Videos, iPhone App and over 400 Flash works, such as the music video for Osamu Tezuka’s animation “Hi no Tori” (Phoenix) performed by System 7. He participated in the production of the American film, “Lost in Translation” directed by Sofia Coppola. Also known as: General Idea Diplodocus and Reality Sandwich.

Reality Sandwich

Reality Sandwich

Reality Sandwich is a Japanese electronic music group which is collaborative duo, Masashi Kitazato (alias General Idea of Diplodocus) and Kenichi Hata (alias Hataken) . They have released 4 concept album on BFM Digital and 7 remixes on BWLR (brainwave lab recordings), Detroit.

The enormous space we call the universe would disappear once you start to sense that your position isn’t a coordinate in three dimensional space but is a point at infinity. You will start to feel that your existence is only in between “myself = the observer” and “the observed” which is “my” reflected image.

Since I started to view the world like this, I began to feel many brand newsenses that I’d never felt before. The first thing I experienced was aloss of sense of motion and movement. Because I view the world only as a sandwich between “me” and a figure, I started to feel that my true character exists here, there, over there, and everywhere in the space, and “I” look at every agenda from every corner. Now I feel that my sense of motion when “I move” is like an illusion, as if my consciousness became just a skewer pierced through this so-called “reality sandwich.”

– Soundcloud
– Vimeo

Sol Tek

Sol Tek

Hailing from Amsterdam — The NetherlandsSol Tek is actively writing music for the last 20 years under many monikers and labels, counting an impressive 12 full length albums, a number of EPs and singles under his belt.

He has released full length albums2 EPs and 1 double digipack album up to date on Electronic Soundscapes, from space glitch hop to deep space ambient and acid techno soundscapes, Sol Tek’s inspiration is driven from diverse music backgrounds such as Arvo PartTangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze among others, combining electronic driven cinematic music influences under a unique Sol Tek style.

Assuming other musical guises over the years such as Lingua Lustra and Dodecahedron, or with collaborative projects Albert has appeared on numerous other labels : Practising NatureDatabloemSpeedsound RecordsBaksish Music and Spiritech music.

Albert Borkent is a seasoned musician with over two decades’ experience and production skills evident in the depth and textures of his releases. The Sol Tek sound can best be described as very futuristic, subtle and deep but also melodic, harmonic and delicate. Since 2012 he is running together with Blue Bliss his own independent imprint “Spiritech”.

Solar Quest

Solar Quest

Solar Quest is one of the early pioneers of the U.K. and global electronic music scene. Combining Live instruments with electronic equipment and custom made virtual software, he is widely known for his vinyl releases through Choki’s Chewns, which were a big hit in the London underground dance scene of the 90s and received worldwide critical acclaim on his “Orgship” album, released in 1994 – a timeless ambient downtempo album.

His professional career spans from working on some of the best sound recording and mixing studios in the U.K. and Belgium. He was the studio manager of the legendary Utopia studios in North West London, were renowned musicians like Duran Duran, Brian Fairy, UB40, The Clash and Paul McCartney recorded and mastered their albums.

After Utopia in the beginning of 90s Solar Quest moved to Belgium for a few years, where built and worked as the studio manager of the SSR label recording studio and started taking an active interest in writing and producing electronic music. The 1st vinyl he released, a hybrid of hip hop and acid lines was a hit in the electronic underground scene and Solar Quest gradually started writing more music.

In an era where virtual sequencers were still a concept and computers could not yet be used for Live electronic music performance, Solar Quest built a fully modular setup featuring a farrago of synths, samplers and FX units, touring Europe with his van for a couple of years.

Specializing on advanced MIDI mapping programming and custom made virtual synthesizers, he has worked on a number of feature films as the electronic MIDI orchestrator of film scores at Elstree studios in London and more noticeably for Terry Gilliam’s “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” .

Solar Quest has performed Live on many big festivals in Europe as well as Japan, India , South Africa, Canada, Moscow, Scotland and Wales.



Based in Tokyo – Japan, Spiritjack is an established act in the global downtempo electronica scene, releasing music for more than a decade on many record labels worldwide and counting 5 album releases.

Spiritjack has released “Tropico”  on Ibiza Chillout volume 4 – ZYX MUSIC and ‘Mitama Born” on Eyes On Tokyo – Caffe Latte Records. Spiritjack tracks were played by Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC and Waveform Radio.

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