Arash Atman

Arash Atman

An enthusiastic audio professional, Arash Atman started his affair with music and sound by collecting electronic music vinyl records in the early 90s. Leaving no stone unturned he has worked on a plethora of professional audio applications.

Forward thinking and looking for originality through innovational intervention between technology, cinematography, art and audio visual installations, after he got his Sound Engineering Diploma from SAE in London he worked for over 1 year in Classical Orchestra, Opera and Live P.A.s, featuring some of the finest equipment available in venues like the Athens Megaron Concert Hall, the Odeon of Herodus Atticus under Acropolis and ERT’s Studio C Recording Studio.

He was the organizer and technical manager of the Samothraki Dance Festival Alternative Stage for 3 years on the island of Samothraki, Just Dance Festival Athens, Juno Reactor & Zen Lemonade Live in Athens, FSOL Live in Athens and has run a lot of club and electronic music nights in Greece and a handful of other countries.

From DJing on a total solar eclipse festival in the remote desert of Tamerza in Tunisia, to a roof top in Goa, a cosmopolitan night in the tropics of Bali, the mystical island of Samothraki to a full moon beach party on the homeland of Icarus -the island of Ikaria, a solar eclipse festival in Turkey to the Canadian mountains and Pacific Ocean vastness of British Columbia and an underground pub in London, Arash was able to fulfill a hefty chunk of his dreams and spin tunes along child hood heroes like Karl Bartos ( Kraftwerk ), FSOL, Juno Reactor and electronic underground innovators like Solar Quest, Ott, ISHQ, Adham Shaikh, Simon Posford, Eat Static, Doof, Patchwork, Stress Assasin, Toires, Zen Lemonade, Grey Area and Youth.

Keen on pushing envelopes and wearing many hats over the years, from setting up surround installations and Live P.A.s in cinema festivals to supervising and producing independent CD prints from Mastering to precise digital reproduction in some of Europe’s finest digital pressing plants, he set up forward thinking sound systems on the island of Samothraki such as one of Europe’s premier 5.1 surround sound systems for Live electronic music utilizing specially performed 5.1 Live performances, state of the art A circuitry equipment, featuring unique patents.

He is passionate in excellence and exploration of 3 dimensional spatial representation through surround sound and has worked as recording and mixing engineer in 3 professional studios up to date, from a Dolby Mastering 5.1 Mixing and Foley Recording studio to one of the premier 5.1 Digital Hybrid Studios in Athens.

Working for close to one and a half decades in the film industry, sound recording and production sound mixing for films has gradually taken over from music as his main activity. He has worked on a number of studios and various locations in a number of countries,films, TV shows and commercials, film making and sound design is where his main activity lies over the last years.

You can rarely find him DJing as his main focus is sound for films whether this is on set or post production but on the rare sets he does, he always makes sure to push boundaries in a unique and diverse approach, offering ungenred consciousness expanding electronica .

He is UK based since 2010 and in 2013 he collaborates with Masashi Kitazato, to form the next direction of Electronic Soundscapes. A collaborative electronic music label based in the U.K. and Japan that will offer a haven for conscious contemporary electronic music.